Dog Boarding, Doggy Daycare and Yoga Classes In Elgin, TX

My name is Ashlyn Smith and I am the owner of The Joyful Pet Ranch and The Joyful Yoga Ranch. 

The Joyful Pet Ranch is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to have a place where dogs could run, play, be silly and above all, be safe. I have always had a passion for animals and feel deeply responsible for making them feel loved and cared for.  Over the past few years, I've been working on the little details, from the design of the brand new kennels, to the 10 foot high fences, to the grooming services, to animal reiki and training.  I am so very excited to have the opportunity to pour attention into your animals and open their eyes to the wonderful things at The Joyful Pet Ranch!

The Joyful Yoga Ranch was a byproduct of the Joyful Pet Ranch.  Peace washes over me as I connect with the animals and nature around me.  There is a sense of wholeness here that you can feel emotionally as well as physically.  The ranch is on 13 acres, which gives plenty of room for our pet boarding and doggy daycare, our pet cows and yoga goats, as well as being able to carve out specific spaces to pursue my passions of yoga and meditation.  It is an honor to invite you to commune with me here through yoga.

The Joyful Pet Ranch In Elgin, TX